Born 1980, Iran-Urmia
Paris based, France

Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical engineering- Azad University, Kashan. 2004

Began experimental photography in 1999
History of Art, Aghdashlou Aydin, Mahe Mehr Art & Culture Institute, Tehran, Iran 2003-2004
Photography, Jalali Bahman, Mahe Mehr Art & Culture Institute, Tehran, Iran 2004
Photography, Kasraeian Nasrollah, Mahe Mehr Art & Culture Institute, Tehran, Iran 2004
Photography, Azarang Farshid, Akkasee Herfee Institute, Tehran, Iran 2008

Started playing the Setar  with Pedram Madihi in 1998 and studied Iranian traditional music and playing the Setar with Maestro Jalal Zolfonun, Maestro Mohammadreza Lotfi and studied playing Kurdish tanbur with Maestro Iraj Gerdakani (Haghdoost)

Solo Exhibitions/Installation


2016   Photography, #ariaee #dorood_be_sharafet #bezan, Mehrva gallery,Tehran                  

2015   Photography, Golchin-e-Irani, Mehrva gallery, Tehran

2014   Photography, BAYAN, Persian-American Art community event Curated by Mohammad Golabi, Galapagos Art Space, New York                      

2014   Photography, Jom-eh, No.6 Gallery, Tehran

2014   Barcode Installation, Obeyd Khani Dar shabe Jom-eh, No.6 Gallery, Tehran

2013   Show&Performance, This is not an Exhibition, Tarahan Azad Gallery, Tehran

2010   Photography, Iranian Artist Forum, Iranshahr Café Gallery, Tehran

2007   Photography, Bagh-e-Ayneh Gallery, Karaj

2003   Photography, Mahtab Gallery, Kashan


Curatorial projects


2016  Art Exhibition, wall 47, NEGAR gallery, Tehran

2016  Video-Art, photo Installation Art Exhibition, RUN-THE-RUN Saye Gallery, Tehran


Group Exhibition


2020   Photography, ARCADIA, Curated by Hoofar Haghighi, Bavan Gallery-Tehran

2019   Photography, A Few Days in Between, Curated by Parham.Didehvar, Nabshi Center -Tehran                                                   

2019   Photography, SNOW, Curated by Saeed Mazinani, artgallery14, Tehran

2018   Photography, 4nd Tehran monoxide project exhibition, Curated by Negar Fajiani, Silk road gallery, Tehran                                                                

2018   Photography, Watching Tehran, Curated by Maryam Saeedpour  Maks gallery, Tehran

2017   Photography, Museum of patriotism, Curated by Hoofar Haghighi/  Mehrva gallery,Tehran

2017   Photography, I the Photographer, Curated by Azin Rad, Mehrva gallery, Tehran

2017   Photography, A piece of life, Curated by Parham.Didehvar, e1 art gallery, Tehran

2016   Photography, Decade, Curated by Azin Rad&Amirali Golriz/  Mehrva gallery, Tehran

2016   Video Art and photo Installation, RUN-THE-RUN, Curated by M. Nourbakhsh,Sayeh Art gallery, Tehran

2016   Photography, wall 47, Curated by M.Nourbakhsh, NEGAR gallery, Tehran

2015   Photography, InDia, Curated by  Roozbeh Roozbahani, Mehrva gallery, Tehran

2014   Photography, Roshndan, Curated by  Azin Rad&Amirali Golriz, Mehrva gallery, Tehran

2014   Photography, Grand festival of art for peace, Curated by  Zohre Deldadeh, Iranian Artis  Forum, Tehran

2014   Photography, Qermz Nou, Curated by Azin Rad&Amirali Golriz Cafe gallery 78, Tehran

2014   Photography, Axtageram, Curated by  Roozbeh Roozbahani, Mehrva gallery, Tehran

2014   Photography, Shadi Zar, Curated by  Azin Rad&Amirali Golriz  Mehrva gallery, Tehran

2013   Photography, Thekickplateproject gallery, Curated by Farhad Bahram, Wales,  England

2013   Photography, Daily Life, Curated by Azin Rad&Amirali Golriz, ,7Samar Gallery, Tehran

2012   Photography, Teleography Show, Curated by Farhad Bahram, University of Oregon

2012   Photography, Crappy Birthday, Curated by Farhad Bahram, ShowSwell Gallery, San Francisco

2011   Photography, Curated by Dariush Rad, Andishe Gallery, Tehran

2010   Photography, Curated by Dariush Rad, Art Center Gallery, Tehran

2002   Photography, Curated by Mehdi Sabet Iman, ArtUniversity of Kashan.


Collaborative Projects:


2015  Intimate Sentimate photography, Shadi Ghadirian, Arthouse Kherad

2015  An Imaginary Festival, (for the rooftops of London and Tehran) Commissioned by British Council/ Curated by Andy Field, Nima Dehghani

2013  Photo showing, Collaborative Projects with Maryam Palizban Museum für Kommunikation- Berlin

2012  Kashan 256, Photography and Installation In a traditional cloth weaving factory, Curated by Negar Farjiani

2012  Tehran Monoxide, Curated by Negar Farjiani Kherad Institute, Tehran

2012  Photography, You are beautiful, Mission Cultural Center, San Francisco

2012  Dialography, photo project, Curated by Farhad Bahram                    

2012  Sa-em o Dahr, Photography-Video Art, Synergy with Ali Samadpour Eest Gallery, Tehran, 2012

2008  Traditional-Modern architectures usage, Azad University of Bandarabbas,




2010  “Aan”: Photography book, Meshki  Publication,

2012  Chief clerk of visual art in TAZEH magazine

2014  Termites have grown strangely, Collaborative in Photography book, written by Mohbat Mohebi  Zabaneh Tasvir Publication



Filmmaking, TV presenting, Cinematography


2015- 2016  Editor and TV presenter, a broadcaster in Bahamestan IRIB JAM-e-JAM

(Interview with more than fourteen Iranian contemporary Artists and director of Studio visit  documentary films)

2016  Cinematography -Dice- a Film about Abbas Kiarostami- Director Sanaz Asadi

2017 Director, Divertimento- Portrait of Composer (Ahmad Pejman), Documentary film.

2013-2014   Videography/Photography for Iranian interactive music iBooks app.


Music Performance


2020  Music and Sama dance performance, L'Agora, Paris.

2004  Group music performance, Kermanshah

2003  IRIB Live radio music performance, Karaj, IRIB

2003  Group music performance, Karaj, Ershad amphitheater

2002  Music performance, Art University Kashan


Judgment of photography


Book city photography festival, Judgment of Photography, 2014

First Daste Dovoom photo festival, Judgment of Photography, 2015

Second Daste Dovoom photo festival, Judgment of Photography, 2016